Welcome to TNlyriX! We romanize and color-code TNX and NICE GIRL Project! lyrics mainly for the non-Japanese-speaking fanbase. This site provides lyrics in several formats: the original Japanese kanji/kana, English romanizations and translations, as well as color-coding for group songs. We welcome outside contributions, please read this page if you're interested!

TNX is a company that was created by Tsunku (most famous for his work with Sharan Q and Hello! Project) in October 2006. Music artists currently under TNX include THE Possible, Canary Club, Karen, Tokki, TAKERU, and Soul Junctions. Previous artists include Tokito Ami and Gyaruru. In 2007, Tsunku started NICE GIRL Project!, the TNX equivalent to Hello! Project. NGP started their full-time activities in 2008. TNX/NGP releases are usually published on either the TN-mix or Good Factory Record labels.

Site Updates

30 July 2011
  »   THE Possible's colours have changed to reflect their solo shirts from the Shiawase no Katachi Kansha no Katachi tour as well as the recent 5 year anniversary DVDs. In effect from Watashi no Miryoku on, I won't change the older songs (yet?).
19 January 2011
  »  We're back online after a month of downtime! Spread the word!
  »  Layout update! The color scheme and header have been updated. Most site-related pages have been updated as well. Please contact me if I broke something.
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  »  If you were wondering why the Mecha Mote song Elegant Girl is not included here, it's because Sugaya Risako is a Hello!Project member. Therefore, the lyrics are at projecthello.

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