Welcome to TNlyriX! We romanize and color-code lyrics from artists previously affiliated with TNX and NICE GIRL Project!. This site provides lyrics in several formats: the original Japanese kanji/kana, English romanizations and translations, as well as color-coding for group songs. We welcome outside contributions, please read this page if you're interested!

TNX was a company that was created by Tsunku (most famous for his work with Sharan Q and Hello! Project) in October 2006. In 2007, he started NICE GIRL Project!, the TNX equivalent to Hello! Project. NGP started their full-time activities in 2008. TNX/NGP releases were usually published on either the TN-mix or Good Factory Record labels. As of 2015, all artists that were still managed by TNX have moved to other agencies. Artists that were under TNX include THE Possible (known as Ciao Bella Cinquetti as of July 2015), Canary Club, Tokito Ami, Gyaruru, Karen, Tokki, TAKERU, Kurei Soshi and Soul Junctions.

Site Updates

30 December 2015
  »   Hashimoto Aina's official colour changed to red earlier this year, we will be using it from Ichigo Ichie / Doushiyou, Watashi onwards.

12 June 2015
  »   Site introduction updated.
  »   For those who are unaware, THE Possible have changed their name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti. The name change takes effect with their July 8th triple A-side single, Omotesando / Futako Tamagawa / Never Never Give Up.

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